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Kings Academy

Based in the UK, Kings Academy was founded on the belief that education should be accessible to all. This is why Kings Academy offers five different levels of online English Courses to international students. The courses range from beginners’ lever English to professional business level and are taught by native English speakers. Each course’s curriculum is specifically designed to cater to students’ needs, ensuring that they’re comfortable enough to ask questions and follow the lesson plans along at their own learning pace. Courses are taught with the utmost enthusiasm, diligence and patience to make them as engaging as possible.
Though students often join the courses from all parts of the world, their common denominator is that they are seeking to improve their language skills, develop their abilities with a specific focus on business tourism or just improve themselves by delving deeper into the most spoken and therefore most important language in the world. With a proven track record of success ad over 20 years of experience, Kings Academy is a world class learning institutions for students of all levels and from all walks of life. 
Kings Academy takes care to customize classes for each individual student. Because of this our licensed teachers keep their language courses small and intimate. This allows for greater opportunity for conversation, which is crucial for one to further develop their language skills. This class structure, coupled with the easy and accessible online teaching model Kings Academy has become known for is directly responsible for the academy’s over 2000 satisfied and capable graduates. 
Students partaking in a Kings Academy course, regardless of what lever they’re at and which course they’re taking, will always be met with an interactive learning system. This means that they will not just be passive listeners in class but will also actively engage in speaking and writing practices. This interactive system allows them to develop their spoken and written skills simultaneously. Students are given the opportunity to further practice their skills with extra practice sessions with their teachers, at the discretion of both the instructor and the student in question. Given the international nature of Kings Academy, students are able to log into their classes at any time and thus have a flexible course schedule. The courses themselves follow the world-class Oxford curriculum. Thus, the students who attend Kings College partake in an education system that is, true to its word, fit for a king.


English Level 1

English Level 1 courses cover basic conversational themes any English language speaker will need to know. Courses typically start by teaching students how to introduce themselves, what greetings to use when meeting new people and hold a basic conversation with a stranger they’re just meeting. Asking simple questions and being able to answer them in conversation practices is therefore an important part of these courses. 
As part of these conversational practices, students will also be taught basic verbs in the present tense and simple adjectives. By practicing such grammatical necessities and asking closed questions, students will be able to commit what they learn to memory. Thus, they’re confidence will grow over each and every course, until they’re comfortable enough to hold basic conversation. 
English Level 1 courses are typically offered to those students who haven’t really learned English in the past. As such, they’re expected to attend three classes per week, meaning 12 classes per month. As this is a 3-month-long course, this gives students the opportunity to practice continually. Students can also sign up for an additional 1-hour-long, complimentary practice session, should they fell the need to do so.
By the end of the 3-month period, students will be able to introduce themselves to new people, hold basic dialogue when they go shopping, be able to describe their backgrounds – such as where they’re from and who their family is – describe their general living situations and their homes and both give and ask for basic information regarding their environment and surroundings.


English Level 2

English Level 2 is specifically for those students that have a basic grasp on the language but want to build on the foundation they have. The class therefore focuses on both pronunciation and on building students’ vocabulary. This allows students to hold lengthier conversations on more versatile topics. Because of this the course covers a range of subjects such as sports, food and beverages and myths and legends. 
English Level 2 doesn’t just build on students’ vocabulary though. The course actively makes students practice the new vocabulary they’re learning by having practice conversations on different topics, mock interviews and engaging in a bit of improv role playing by enacting certain scenarios and scenes. 
As with English Level 1, English Level 2 is a 3-month-long course with classes taking place 3 times a week. It specifically targets students who have about a 500-word vocabulary and don’t have a firm grasp on grammatical rules. As such, the course teaches students to hold conversation in the present, past and future tenses. 
By the time students graduate from English Level 2, they will be able to write, read and comprehend simple letters, invitations, ads and pamphlets. They will have also developed basic knowledge of different cities across the United States and their most important or popular touristic sites. Thanks to all this, they will be able to write or tell basic stories, participate in conversations on different subjects, ask questions to others about their interests, hobbies and routines and even answer such questions when they’re asked. Tangentially, they will have greater reading comprehension skills than they had before, allowing them to ask questions about and discuss written texts that they are given.


English Level 3

English Level 3 aims to further develop students’ vocabulary, conversational skills and grasp on the language. As such, in this class students will be expected to hold discussions on socially relevant topics, such as gender, technology, physical and mental health, transportation and more. Thanks to this intensive work, students will also further develop their writing and reading comprehension skills, thus becoming able to pick up on the nuances of the written word.

To build on all of this, students will be introduced to new vocabulary groups such as human emotions, suffixes, prefixes, travel vocabulary, gender related words and different cultural customs from around the globe. Learning to tell and understand jokes – as well as joke techniques and language devices such as sarcasm – will also be part of the curriculum. 
English Level 3 is perfect for students who roughly know 2500 words and confidently converse in English on a basic level, even if they do make the occasional mistake. To put it another way students who can talk about different subjects, like current events, but can’t watch movies in English without subtitles would benefit greatly from this course. The class is meant to solidify students’ knowledge of grammatical rules. The classes will meet three times a week, over a three-month period, but students will have the opportunity to take an additional 1-hour-long, complimentary practice session per week, should they feel the need to do so.
By the time that the three-month period comes to an end, students will be able to have long conversations, express opinions and lead discussions about different subjects such as movies and TV shows and different personal matters. They will also be able to ready and understand articles and essays, give detailed descriptions, write thorough letters, essays and reports.


English Level 4

English Level 4 focuses specifically on workplace communication and less structured conversations. As such, students will be expanding their vocabulary related to different topics, along with their grammatical knowledge. In class, they will practice complicated perfect verb tenses, conditionals and conjunctions. The vocabulary they will be focusing most heavily on will be related to different occupations. 
To practice what they’re learning students will have to do mock interviews, read examples of classic literature and read articles on current events and discuss them with their instructor and fellow students. These current event articles can be on subjects as varied as environmental issues and global climate change to who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. In conversation, students will be expected to arrive at their own conclusions based on conversational cues they’re given, decipher social messages and hints and chronologically order stories. 
English Level 4 courses are perfect for those students who have good language skills but feel hesitate when they need to hold conversation in professional contexts or workplace settings. Students are given plenty of opportunity to practice over the 3-month-long course, as classes meet thrice a week. Students are also able to sign on for additional, complementary, 1-hour-long practice sessions once a week, should they feel the need to do so. By the end of the 3-month period, students will be able to summarize and explain any story, essay, article or historical text that they’ve been given. They will also be able to converse fluently, confidently and spontaneously.

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